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It is funny how someone being open about there accountability issues can awaken the thought in you “what about me?……”what was I meant to do that I stopped half way or didn’t even pursue?”. I started this blog so that I could share my thoughts and some experiences, to encourage others. But unfortunately  situations came and tried to

This year is my year to pursue

distract me from certain things that I had planned to do. Well, this is a new year and I don’t do resolutions but I set goals. And this year my goal is to finish what I started. Whatever is may be such as Uni, dreams, aspirations, physical, spiritual or even mental health. Whatever resolutions had been birthed in me at sometime that I have been reminded of or prompted to pursue recently, I WILL pursue.


Semester Holidays

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holiday meme

I’m so glad I’m on holidays even if it is only for one week.

A Day in the Life of a Masters Student

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I don’t know about all the other masters student or the geniuses out there but postgrad has been hard and has made me question my intellect some times. I’m not sure whether it is because I whether it’s because this is the third year this course has been run and the kinks that come with that or it genuinely is difficult, but I am so over it.


Books everywhere


 At the beginning of the course I was so excited and couldn’t wait to start hitting the book and soaking up everything occupational therapy, but in all honesty it has been  challenge. With each assessment questioning by ability to articulate myself coherently and as of now I believe I have passed all my units YAY! I am at a stage where I just want to get my degree and to work and make money, I feel like I have been studying for too long and I just want to get on with it. I didn’t pick my course because I wanted lots of coins, I picked the course because it would be life fulfilling and meaningful. I have no regrets, just a lot of stress flying about.


I was glad to be done with semester one’s course work and off to practice education as I do believe I am a more hands on, practical person ad learn better that way. I put in my preferences for a facility near my house and find out three days later that I’m being placed in Tasmania. I was so upset because I planned to work through placement, at least on the weekends so I could over my living expenses and now HOBART. I don’t have anything against Tasmania and I am sure it is a lovely place, but it was just such an awkward time for me to go. I had just moved into a new house and just about finished paying all the bills that come with that.



                                                                                                The Night Life #Hobart


I was stressed out and wanted to cry and started self-talking as I do when I am very frustrated, but as the day progressed I that to come back to my sense. I thought that everything happens for a reason and hopefully it will work out as well. The placement sounds promising and I can’t want till I start.


airplane cartoon





Fast Forward to 2014

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It’s been a longtime coming an I thought that I wouldn’t continue with this blog…..after all I hadn’t updated it since 2011. But recently I got a notification that I got a follower YAY! and then started reading other peoples blog and vblogs……as I do and the inspiration came back.

There have been a few things at that have stopped me from writing a blog:

  • “There are so many blogs out there, will anyone even find mine”
  • “I don’t want people to know who I am” (I don’t like being the center of attention, even though I’m very social #overit)
  • I always tend to second guess myself

    Fast foward, time flies, time
    Time flies
  • The critics…….dum dum dum dummmmmm *gasp*
  • And simply my focus has been on other things like graduating and getting a job, which did not happen and now I’m back at Uni

 At this point in time I’m juggling a lot of balls in the air. I’m working casually, studying a Masters of Occupational Therapy and establish myself as an entrepreneur. However, not so much the entrepreneur part because my master program seems to be draining all my time sometimes.

I have now committed to write here often and I’m hoping, no I’m expecting to follow through.





I Can, I Will, I Must!

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Been quite busy for the past few weeks, but i could squeeze in a post day 🙂

You can be what you wanna be, but you need to take the steps

In the world we live in, it is easy to become a member of the crowd and just fit in with everybody. After all no one likes to be criticized or to be picked at about whom they are and what they do. There are trends on “What to wear” and “what not to wear” “What’s hot, what’s not!”, and with all this going on it is easy to feel like if you’re not with it, then you’re an outsider. No one wants to feel like they don’t belong somewhere, whether it’s in your family at home or at work on the job or at school. Everyone wants to feel accepted in some form by some group or community they deal with.

This natural desire to want to fit in, has put tremendous pressure on people, to become something they are not meant to be, in order to be accepted, and not allowing you to be who you were created to be. The truth is not every woman can be a size 0, 5 foot 11inches with a body that screams “runway model”, have medical degree, possess a Wimbledon trophy and just won the latest series of Masterchef. And not all men can be a 6 foot, sport playing, cash flowing businessman with abs so tight you can slice bread.

Sadly day after day the wrong image is being constantly portrayed not only to adults but to the leaders of the next generation: our youth. We are constantly being shaped by the opinions of what other people think we should wear or the way they think we should look or even say, that we don’t have the time to reflect on who we are.

The people around us: teachers, friends, mothers, fathers, siblings and even people you don’t even know and who don’t “know” you constantly place labels

You’re dumb

You could never do that

You’re a loser

You’re nothing special

Nobody will listen to you

You will never amount to anything

You’re Ugly

You’re useless

Men only want you for your body

Women only want you for your money

and unfortunately many accept these words as truth and end up carrying that identity their whole lives, without discovering the truth and who they really are.

I wrote this to open your eyes to the truth, just because someone has concluded on what you are, don’t resign it as reality. A wise man said in Proverbs23:7″As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he“. The more you believe something in your life the more real it becomes; our mind is a very powerful tool.

How Do I Be Me?

A person can drive a bus but that doesn’t define who they are, and it doesn’t mean they should be treated with less respect than a lawyer or a millionaire. A woman can cheat on her partner but that doesn’t mean all her life she is a cheater. What you do at one point in your life doesn’t define who you are forever. People are so quick to define you by something you did at one point of weakness in your life, limiting you from becoming what you are meant to be.

To become anything in life you must first reduce the effect of the negative things people say in your life and stop allowing people to mould you into what they think the best you is. As kids we grow up learning this song “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”. We grew up thinking that it doesn’t matter what people say, allowing a seed of their words to be planted in our lives and years later we wonder why we have low self-esteem or why we can’t stick to one job or feel like we can’t achieved anything in life.

You need to decide today forget what people have said and what people will say that will hurt your feelings. And decide to be who made to be. We are all made differently, uniquely; there are no two people that are the same. You cannot define what a REAL man or woman is by their dimension, by their facial beauty, by occupation or achievement. It’s much deeper than that.


Step by Step

All of us have our own inner goals and desires of where we want to be in future, what job we want to have or even what car we want to drive.  Yet, most people in life don’t achieve them. Unfortunately, just because you want something doesn’t mean you will get it or get it easily; there are a lot of hindrances along the way, a lot of setbacks. Sometimes you find that the people you expect to support your ideas are the ones that knock you down. It definitely is a blow to the head, because then you start to wonder if you really can do it or if you’re just wasting your time and your confidence drops.

The truth is that: “You can make it if no one believes in you, BUT you can’t make it if you don’t believe in yourself”.   No one is going to hold you down and say “No, you can’t do that”. What would you rather feel; the joy from fulfilment even though there were obstacles or the regret of giving up too soon.

If you want to be a business man/woman you can be one, if want to be a singer/musician  GO FOR IT, if you want to me a writer GO AHEAD BECAUSE THERE ARE PEOPLE WAITING TO READ YOUR WORK.

You need to have a mindset that I can succeed, when it doesn’t come easily you believe that I will succeed and when you get that realization that, that what you’re really meant to do it,  believe that I must succeed , not to prove to anyone, but to prove to yourself. To prove to yourself that you can achieve what you set your mind to. Remember it’s not about what anyone else thinks, but it all comes down to your mind and how you perceive it.

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I Think I Can…….

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We have endless untapped potential, that is just waiting to be released. I decided to post a excerpt from my daily devotional, on a book I have read by Dr. Myles Munroe. It changed my life.

Hope you enjoy,

God bless

How High Can You Jump?

I remember the day I found out that I can jump real high—about eight feet high.

Now, I can’t jump that high intentionally, but I did it once when I was a little boy.

There was a lady who lived behind our house from whose fruit trees we would occasionally feast and help ourselves. When we were little kids, we would crawl under the fence. Once day while I was on her side of the fence, her very vicious dog suddenly appeared. I had just touched down after climbing the fruit tree. As I carefully considered the distance between the fence, the dog and myself, I knew I had to make a run for it. I ran toward the fence with the dog close behind me. As the fence came closer and closer, all I could say was “O God, I’m dead.” All I could think was “jump.” As I left the ground, my heart was pounding and my chest felt like an arcade full of shouting people. I was so afraid! When I landed, I was safely on the other side of the fence.

When I turned around and looked at the dog, he was barking angrily because he couldn’t get over the fence. I just thought, “Yea, good for you.” Suddenly I became very proud because I had gotten away from him. But when I started to realize what I had done, I looked at the fence and thought, “How did I do that?”

I thank God for that dog. He was a blessing in my life. I never jumped that high before, and I never have since, but at least I know that I did it. I discovered that day there is a lot more potential in me than I realized was there.

The same is true for you. You aren’t doing more because no one has challenged you. I want to take you from the realm of waiting for people to challenge you and encourage you to challenge yourself. Don’t wait for a dog to teach you how to jump. Jump by your own challenge. Don’t just look at life and say, “Well, I’m going to wait until a demand is made on me and then I will produce.” Make a demand on yourself. Say to yourself, “Look, I am going to become the best in this area no matter what people have done before me.” Then go after that. You will accomplish it if you set out to do it.

This devotional is an excerpt from Dr. Myles Munroe’s book “Understanding Your Potential.”


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Hi, I’m Jumi

My first post, I can’t even believe it. I started this blog, because I’m kinda tired of seeing people talk about things that are on the surface. People trying to say what they think you want to hear. It gets to a stage where you smile to be courteous, but within your thinking “What in the world??”. It seems like in life, alot of people want to be excepted so bad that they no longer have their own minds or are scared to share it.

FEAR…..who knew such a small word could have such a strong hold on our lives. We are created as such creative being and there is so much within us that could change our lives, the lives our others, or even the world.

Life is a journey and the things we go through or see in the lives of people around us, make us see things in a particular light or alter our previous perception.

So come with me and stimulate your thoughts and hopefully help unravel the greatness and treasures DEEP WITHIN.